Cortona Syrah Linfa 2020 Fabrizio Dionisio, Red wines


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Cortona Syrah Linfa 2020 Fabrizio Dionisio

Variety: Syrah 100%

Fermented and aged in amphora.

Intense ruby ​​red.

The nose is engaging, with rich aromas of ripe fresh fruit. Intense and evident, blackberries, blueberries, cherries and red plums alternate. Spices do not take long and according to the natural inflection to enrich, they manifest themselves with pink pepper and chilli. Some vegetal notes remain to color the outline, widening the observer’s perspective. Excellent, because the aromas are sincere and above all clean.

On the palate it conquers. If the nose had aroused attention with the palate it rises further. Excellent dialogue between the parts, with volume and structure. Both marked and considerable, so the value and consequently the pleasure becomes natural and logical. As obvious is the balance and harmony. Very persistent between aromas of flowers, fruit and aromatic herbs.

Tuscan Syrah fermented and aged in amphora, excellent for quality and cleanliness. It has great growth prospects.

Cortona Syrah Linfa 2020 Fabrizio Dionisio

Fabrizio Dionisio is born in Lazio, but now he is Tuscan by adoption. In fact, since the early 1970s Fabrizio’s father bought the estate in Il Castagno in Cortona. In 1992, with the purchase of a second plot in Poggio del Sole, the farm reached its current land expansion.

The vineyards are located in Cortona, with a plant density of 5000 plants per hectare and a low yield of 40 quintals.

After the harvest, carried out manually in 15 kg perforated boxes towards the end of September, it ferments in terracotta jars from Impruneta and other parts of Italy. Part of the mass is in whole clusters, they use only indigenous yeasts and d perform repeated punching down of the cap.

Once the refinement is complete, it is assembled in concrete tanks, where it rests for several months. Bottling precedes another 4 months in the cellar, before being put on the market.

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