Friuli Isonzo Cabernet 2018 Raccaro, Red wines

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Friuli Isonzo Cabernet 2018 Raccaro

Variety: Cabernet Franc 60% Cabernet Sauvignon 35% and Merlot 5%

Ruby red color.

The nose shows notes of berries, such as blackberry and black currant, followed by the endemic features of the vines, with pepper and green lawn. The aromas of spices mark a beautiful side dish, made of black and green pepper, then tobacco, myrtle and juniper. Overall it stands out for the precision of the perfumes, and for their generosity in showing themselves.

On the palate it easily reaches harmony and balance. The perfect vintage from the climatic point of view grants excellent volume and remarkable freshness. Vigorous and deep, it envelops the mouth with class and elegance, and leaves a pleasant and persistent memory. The aromas are of plum, cassis and spices.

The sum of the three aspects gives us a well-made Cabernet, capable of distinguishing itself, like the whites, among all the Friulian red wines. Raccaro is considered, by the most expert and selective critics, to be one of the best in all of Friuli.

Friuli Isonzo Cabernet 2018 Raccaro

Raccaro‘s vineyards stretch for 6.5 hectares on the slopes of Mount Quarin, in the municipality of Cormons, and in the province of Gorizia. Those of Cabernet are always in the municipality of Cormons, but in the area and denomination of the Isonzo, always in the province of Gorizia.

The soil is composed of clay and limestone, with a large presence of stones.

The grapes are harvested manually, combining the three varieties at the time of fermentation, therefore it is not a cut, but a blend. As soon as they reach the cellar they make a cold maceration. They then ferment in stainless steel containers at controlled temperatures.

Refine in containers for at least 18 months. After bottling, it is refined in the cellar for another six months before going on the market.

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