Mitterberg Zweigelt 2021 Marinushof, Red wines

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Mitterberg Zweigelt 2021 Marinushof

Zweigelt 100%

Intense ruby ​​red

The nose has intense and well-defined head aromas, with ripe fruit from the stem to excel and those of the forest to color the rest. Floral notes follow, some greener ones attributable to herbaceous and finally spices.

On the palate it maintains high tension and unfolds with firmness and elegance, between pronounced structure and conspicuous volume. Excellent fresh and clearly distinguishable sip, aided by the invigorating minerality. In balance between the parts, it is harmonious and profound. It has aromas of cherry and blackberry, aromatic herbs and hot spices.

Zweigelt is a grape variety obtained in 1922 in Austria by Professor Zweigelt by crossing Franconia X St Laurent. It combines the qualities of its parents: Franconian fruit and body with the elegance and longevity of San Lorenzo. Grown mainly in Austria, it has some pockets of interest in South Tyrol, where it stands out for its uniqueness.

Mitterberg Zweigelt 2021 Marinushof

The grapes come from the Linit vineyard at 600 meters in the municipality of Castebello. in Val Venosta where the Marinushof farm is located.

The sandy soils derive from glacial decomposition and are made of slate, gneiss and mica.

Espalier training system with guyot pruning, with a plant age of 15 years. The yield is 70 hectoliters.

Manual harvest in small perforated boxes and alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel containers at a controlled temperature.

Refine in used oak barrels.

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