Collio Friulano Vigna del Rolat 2021 Raccaro, White wines

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Collio Friulano Vigna del Rolat 2021 Raccaro

Variety: Friulano 100%

Grapes are grown exclusively from the Rolat vineyard, located in the municipality of Cormons, in the province of Gorizia.

The soil is composed of a combination of sandstone marls, locally called Ponka.

The grapes are harvested manually, and as soon as they reach the cellar they make a cold maceration. Then it ferments in stainless steel containers at controlled temperature.

It always refines in the same containers until the following spring.

Collio Friulano Vigna del Rolat 2021 Raccaro
Intense straw yellow color.

The nose is intense, very complex and wonderfully fine. It distributes fantastic aromas of complex yellow flowers, such as mimosa, chamomile and orange, white peach and subtle notes of iodine, and marine algae, those that from the sea slip into the “carrugi”. The almond creeps lightly, suggesting the variety and candied zest of lemon and cedar, widening the prospect.

On the palate it is silky and at the same time rigorous. Wonderful the mineral essence, memories of a sea that was. Faithful companion, the freshness strengthens and hardens the structure of a wine without equal. And as said at the beginning of creamy features it envelops the palate. The aromas of almond, sea and apricot prolong the sensations and surround the heart. Yes, it has no equal, because it is the best. And the more time passes, the greater the distance from the pursuer.

It becomes easy to reward him as the best vintage Friulano. The Raccaro company is considered by the most expert and selective critics to be one of the best in all of Friuli.

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Wine il vino 2021 94 / 100