Friuli Friulano Toh 2020 di Lenardo, White wines

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Friuli Friulano Toh 2020 di Lenardo

Variety: Friulano 100%

Friulano Toh grapes are grown around the estate in the Ontagnano hamlet in the municipality of Gonars. The area is that of the Grave, consequently the soil is clayey with a significant presence of gravel.

Training system is espalier with side Guyot pruning.

Harvest is conducted during the month of September.

Grape yield per hectare is about 100 quintals.

Grapes are immediately pressed in a soft manner in a nitrogen-saturated vacuum environment.

Then the must is transferred into stainless steel containers at a controlled temperature of 15 degrees. After the addition of selected yeasts, the alcoholic fermentation begins, which lasts about 15 days.

After the tumultuous phase, the wine remains in the same containers to mature in contact with the yeasts until the spring following the harvest. In this period the bâtonnage are frequent.

After bottling, the bottles are left to rest for another two months before being released.

Friuli Friulano Toh 2020 di Lenardo

Straw yellow with green reflections

The nose has clear aromas of apple, aromatic herbs and white flowers. Intense and elegant, they give class to the whole profile.

On the palate it has vibrant minerality and acidity, so the structure is well defined and clear. Good all the softness, with the creaminess to stand out and give silkiness to the sip. Once the nasal receptors have been swallowed, they are flavored with bitter almonds and green apples.

Overall it is a good white wine, representative of the variety and area of ​​origin.

Di Lenardo winery produce excellent Friuli’s wines, quality ratio with price.

Accompany the seafood, from spaghetti to clams, to lardellate shrimps cooked in grills. Also valid with fried anchovies, and Mediterranean sea bass. Try it with asparagus and eggs altegamino. Valuable with cow’s milk cheeses, semi-seasoned.

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