Champagne Brut Tradition Mésogée Denis Chaput, Champagnes


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Champagne Brut Tradition Mésogée Denis Chaput

Pinot Nero 70% and Chardonnay 30%

Certified organic

RM Recoultant Manipulant

The Maison Denis Chaput is classified as RM, because the entire production process, from cultivation to processing, is carried out by the company itself, using only grapes harvested in its own land.

The history of the Chaput family begins in 1862 when they moved to Arrentières in the Côte de Bar. After 70 years of producing still wines, in the 1930s they produce their first champagne: the “Cuvée des Rochottes”.

Today they continue the tradition with a range of clean, precise and mineral champagne, faithful to the territory they belong to.

The vineyards are spread over 40 different plots, all located around the cellar.

Soil: The soil is Kimmergian, dating back to the last period of the upper Jurassic, consequently it is stratified by clay and limestone, with a large presence of marine fossils. The type of soil gives great minerality to the resulting champagne.

Tradition is a cuvée made up of 70% Pinot Noir and the remaining 30% Chardonnay. 60% of the mass comes from the 2012 harvest and 40% from reserve wines from the vintages ranging from 2005 to 2011.

It remains on the lees for 40 months.

Champagne Brut Tradition Mésogée Denis Chaput

Discharged golden yellow color.

The nose has aromas of citrus and fresh fruit: head of the lemon among the first and the green apple and the medlar in the latter. Some hints of red currant and cherry are added and increase the complexity. pepper, smoked limestone, badian, peony, apple, apricot, biscuit, black cherry.

On the palate it stands out for its luxuriant minerality, and together for its good creaminess. The carbon is pungent but not algente. From the mouth aromas of honey and biscuit are released. It closes with a pleasant return of minerality, which really reminds of the sea. The synthesis of all its elements draws it as a distinct champagne from Vigneron.

Accompanies with elegance fish dishes and vegetable first courses.

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