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Barolo Brunate 2013 Ceretto

Variety: Nebbiolo 100%


Brunate is an inter-municipal vineyard, divided between the municipality of La Morra and Barolo. It boasts a total extension of 28 hectares. However, the vineyard is homogeneous, both in terms of the composition of the land, dating back to the Tortonian period, is characterized by the presence of marl of Sant Agata, Fossili, with a good presence of sand, particularly in the highest part of the hill, both for sun exposure in both South / South-East cases.

The only variable is the altitude: it starts, in fact, from 230 meters s.l.m up to 400 meters s.l.m ..

In the Brunate, the Ceretto family has just over five and a half hectares, all in the municipality of La Morra.

Barolo Brunate 2013 Ceretto

Garnet red color with orange veins.

On the nose, it excites. It has a very fine and very intense bouquet, and although the floral and fruity notes are the first to be noticed, the spices, the toasted and different aromas, show us a wine already in full evolution on the tertiaries. The rose and the sour cherry, the violet and the red plum, the china and the undergrowth, the rhubarb and the aromatic herbs. Elegant and impressive, the olfactory profile is spread in a continuous and fascinating evolution of perfumes.

On the palate it is fully coinciding with the considerable expectations. Pronounced the set of hardness for a splendid shape. The tannins, in particular, are already towards the polymerization giving a sensation of limited astringency. From the side of the softness, we can see the bulk of the sip and the heat of the alcohol. Once swallowed, it releases aromas of rhubarb of china and violet.

A great Barolo, certainly one of the most representative to illustrate the territory of La Morra.

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