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Gualdo del Re
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Val di Cornia Suvereto I Rennero 2014 Gualdo del Re

Variety: Merlot 100%.

Organic not certified.

Intense ruby ​​red with purple shades.

On the nose very intense, broad and extremely fine in the quality of the aromas. Distinguished aromas of cherry jam, blackberry and blueberry. Fascinating sensations of tobacco, chocolate, nutmeg and vanilla follow. the olfactory traits rotate in the glass almost in a dance, harmonious and graceful. Together they are really excellent.

The palate is copious in the thickness of the sip, although supported by excellent hardness. Between the minerality and acidity, the third is the check, that is the whole tannins. Both those of the grapes, and those derived from wood, are rounded and velvety, certainly not brittle. Very persistent the memory of itself with aromas of blackberry and vanilla.

The synthesis of the three departments gives us a great tuscany red wine. One of the best Italian Merlot.

It happily combines with braised beef, salmì hare, roe deer with polenta and deer fillet with berries. Effective and satisfying even with vegetable soups.

Val di Cornia Suvereto I Rennero 2014 Gualdo del Re

Grapes are grown in the municipality of Suvereto in the province of Pisa. Vineyard has an average altitude of 100 meters s.l.m. Type of breeding is espalier with Guyot pruning and spurred cordon.

Density of the planting is 6,500 vines per hectare.

Soil is composed of clay and sand, with a good skeleton presence.

Enologist is the talented Barbara Tamburini, sensitive and eclectic professional, very skilled in knowing how to give value to the particularities of the vines, in the different Terroirs. It does not impose its own personality on its own children, educates them, but then leaves them free to express themselves.

Alcoholic fermentation takes place in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks. It undergoes the decanting in new French oak barrels and in the same containers carries out the malo-lactic transformation and subsequent refinement.

Wine remains in the barrique for a period of 15 months and then bottled for another year.

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