Alto Adige Santa Maddalena Classico 2021 Messnerhof, Red wines

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Alto Adige Santa Maddalena Classico 2021 Messnerhof

Vernatsch 95% and Lagrein 5 %%

Ruby red color.

The nose has clear and exuberant fruit aromas, with cherries and black cherries to excel. Shaking the glass, the berries arrive: blackberry, blueberry and strawberry. The bouquet of flowers is very pleasant, with geraniums and some flurries of red rose petals. To make it even more disturbing there are scents of eucalyptus and rhubarb.

On the palate it shows presence, with a substantial balance between Form and Substance. On the side of hardness we have a subtle texture of tannins, with very gentle features. The heat expressed by the alcohol content and the creaminess of the poly alcohols create a beautiful picture of softness. Pleasant for the extreme ease in drinking it.

In total balance: the perfect year with a climatic profile gives us a ready-made wine. The finish is long and persistent. In the aftertaste, aromas of fresh fruit and under the wood arrive.

Overall it is a wonderful fresh and decidedly satisfying Santa Maddalena.

It happily accompanies grilled lamb chops, roasted rabbit, tex mex beans, and medium-aged cheeses

Alto Adige Santa Maddalena Classico 2021 Messnerhof

Santa Maddalena’s grapes are grown in the San Pietro district of the municipality of Bolzano.

The vineyard is south-west facing on steep terrain. Plants are very old, and in the best specimens they reach 80 years. The yield per hectare is 75 quintals. The soil is characterized by river gravel and sand, with a high content of mineral salts.

After the manual harvest, it ferments and refines exclusively in steel.


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