Barbaresco Giacone 2017 Cascina Alberta, Red wines

Cascina Alberta
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Barbaresco Giacone 2017 Cascina Alberta

Variety: Nebbiolo 100%

Organic pending certification. From the 2018 harvest with certification.

Ruby red.

The nose has fabulous aromas of red fruit, black cherry and cherry in particular. The dark berries. To make the whole complex and intriguing there are the bitter roots and barks. Porcini mushrooms and truffle. Among the spices we note black pepper. Tobacco, leather and undergrowth notes conclude the whole. Indeed no, because in a second moment, dried fruit also emerges clearly distinguishable. Small, significant and fascinating, flurries of mint and dried fruit.

Rich, voluminous on the palate. The expressed matter is remarkable and therefore valuable. A mature cultured tannin expresses itself authoritatively, but without scratching. The minerality is also excellent, and together with the freshness they bring vigor and consistency to the hardness. The balance is achieved with the heat of the alcoholic degree and the diffused and enveloping creaminess.

Cascina Alberta gives us a very thick Barbaresco, capable of raising the quality value of the whole denomination.

Barbaresco Giacone 2017 Cascina Alberta

The grapes come exclusively from the Giacone vineyard in the municipality of Treiso. The soil is clayey and calcareous with a good presence of sand, while the age of the vineyard exceeds 40 years.

Sun exposure and altitude: the vineyard is oriented towards south south west and the average altitude is 350 meters above sea level.

After the harvest, carried out manually, alcoholic fermentation takes place in stainless steel containers with indigenous yeasts. The method followed is that of preparing a pied de cuve. The time is around thirty days, depending on the vintage.

Refine in large oak barrels.

The 2017 vintage, in Treiso, and throughout the appellation, was hot, with full ripening ahead of its time. Rich and copious year also in the perfumes, and not only in the tactile sensations. More than words are the facts to say it. In this case the wines.

The value for money is very advantageous.

Accompanies the braised with polenta, the Fassona meat with Alba white truffle, the venison fillet with blueberries.

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