Beaujolais-Leynes 2019 Domaine Chardigny, Red wines


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Beaujolais-Leynes 2019 Domaine Chardigny

Variety: 100% Gamay

Certified organic

The grapes are grown in the Leynes village, geographically located between the Beaujolais and Burgundy appellations. In fact, it is the northernmost village of Beaujolais and the southernmost of Burgundy, for this reason the farmers of the area have the possibility to insert the name of the village on the label.

Soil: the soil is relatively clayey and calcareous, while the sun exposure is south.

After the harvest, carried out manually, it ferments with the Carbon maceration method. The same involves the insertion of whole non-destemmed berries in an autoclave, and then saturated with carbon dioxide. It remains in the autoclave for 12 days, limiting human intervention to a minimum.

Unlike the Italian Novello, where wine from different vintages up to 60% can be added, Beaujolais can be produced exclusively with 100% carbon maceration.

Beaujolais-Leynes 2019 Domaine Chardigny

Intense ruby ​​red color with large purple areas.

The nose has intense aromas of fresh fruit and flowers. Cherry, black cherry and strawberry, raspberry and the grape itself. Some notes of violet and red rose conclude the range. Overall the scents are clean and well defined.

On the palate it has a remarkable freshness brought by acidity, and by the carbonic maceration method. However, it is also endowed with a good overall creaminess, for a wine that as a whole is definitely higher than expected. Notes of grapes and strawberries come from the palate.

There is a nice difference between Beaujolais and Novello, with French wine that outclasses Italian quality.

Excellent quality-price relation.

Domaine Chardigny offers us this fresh and creamy Beaujolais, capable of aging and improving for at least 5 years.

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