Bourgogne Pinot Nero Vindemiola 2020 LC Poitout, Red wines

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Bourgogne Pinot Nero Vindemiola 2020 LC Poitout

Variety: Pinot Noir 100%

Organic Terra Vitis

Pale ruby red.

The nose has wonderful aromas of small berries. Red currant, blueberry, blackberry, anticipate and announce the cherry too. Some spices are added to corroborate the thesis of complexity. Intense and well defined, the sensations it evokes are surprising for their refined quality.

On the palate it has an excellent structure made of hardness and the same, if not superior roundness, expressed by the set of softness. The gentle tannins, extracted exclusively from the fruit, support acidity and minerality.

In the retro olfaction aromas of flower petals and licorice stick arrive.

Overall, between the olfactory and gustatory aspects, we find ourselves in front of a great Pinot Noir, as virtuous in its immediacy as in the complexity of the olfactory prospect.

The value for money is incredibly advantageous.

Bourgogne Pinot Nero Vindemiola 2020 LC Poitout

The grapes that go to create this wonderful Pinot Noir come from a very high quality soil in the municipality of Tonnerre.

Sun exposure: south-east.

Harvested manually in the early hours of the morning, it is immediately transported to the cellar. It carries out the alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel containers, with a daily replacement. Completely completes the malolactic transformation, and refines for 2 months in barrels that have previously contained the Chardonnay.

This wine has a curious origin, in fact, it had to be produced exclusively for the consumption of the family and for the delight of friends. After the alcoholic fermentation, with every taste, positive impressions grew, which soon turned into enthusiasm. They could not fail to market such a pearl, so Louis and Catherine decided to put it on the market.

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It goes well with lamb chops with stone, grilled free-range cockerel, and sautéed vegetable dishes with spices. Baked peppers with garlic and oregano, and medium-aged cheeses. Being immediate, it also goes well with fleeting and more structured aperitifs.

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