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Isola dei Nuraghi Bovale Ciù Roussou 2019 Tanca Gioia

Bovale 100%

Ruby red

The nose is intense complex and fine. Multiple and luxuriant ones of ripe fruit, with notes of flowers to dot the glass. Spices add to the charm. Also and not only because it is aged in steel, these sensations are extracted from the variety and not transferred from the wooden barrel. The scents of Mediterranean scrub, wild berry and undergrowth make it more valuable.

On the palate, despite the young age, it shows balance and harmony. The volume and creaminess are copious, well supported by a firm and convincing structure. The minerality stands out on a beautiful texture of ripe tannins. In the aftertaste, notes of spices and cherry can be perceived.

He too capable of evolving wonderfully over time, managing to reach peaks of considerable complexity and finesse.

Isola dei Nuraghi Bovale Ciù Roussou 2019 Tanca Gioia

The bovale is an autochthonous Sardinian grape, locally called bovaleddu. It differs from the Bovale of Spanish origin, due to the smaller grape and very thick skin. Characteristic that helps it to resist more to external agents, managing to bring the whole bunch to maturity. Ciù Rousou means more Red, to resume and re-propose the Genoese tradition, a population that since the eighteenth century colonized the whole island by emigrating from Tabarka, an island in front of Bizerte on the Tunisian coast, subject to centuries previously.

The grapes are grown on the island of San Pietro in Carloforte. The body of the vineyards is divided on two large plots, located in the center of the island. Together, Vigna Alta and Vigna Bassa cover an area of ​​almost ten hectares. The peculiarity that distinguishes the plants and makes them unique is that they are on the loose. After the advent of Phylloxera almost all the European wine heritage is grafted onto an American vine. Only in certain climatic or soil conditions can aphid not thrive. One of them is sandy soil.

Inevitably the American foot, if it is true that it defends, it is also true that it acts as a filter, between the soil and the graft, impoverishing the expression capacity of the vine.

Being the island of volcanic origin, the soil brings with it the great variety of minerals that magma brings with it when it comes out of the crater, it is also composed of clay, but a large majority of sand.

Another feature of the place is the almost constant wind, a fundamental factor to naturally inhibit the proliferation of downy mildew.

The harvest is done manually, and fermentation is carried out in stainless steel containers at controlled temperatures. Refine in the same containers for a minimum period of 6 months.

U-Tabarca is the name given to the wines by the Tanca Gioia company, to pay homage and tribute to the centennial history of the island.

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