Dolcetto d’Alba Montubert 2022 Cecilia Monte, Red wines

Cecilia Monte
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Dolcetto d’Alba Montubert 2022 Cecilia Monte

Variety: 100% Dolcetto

Purple red color.

The nose has clean and intense aromas of fresh fruit, cherries, black cherries, plums and berries. Followed by fresh flowers and the grape itself, then some notes of wild berries conclude a well perceptible prospect. pleasant and inviting.

On the palate it has a good shape and a similar substance. In balance between hardness and softness, and despite being a simple wine, it is precise and without any smudging to pollute it. The finish is persistent where the sensations of healthy and ripe fruit on the nose return and return.

Cecilia Monte designs an excellent Piedmontese Dolcetto, extremely ductile, because it manages to be a happy combination with different dishes. From appetizers of cold cuts and fresh cheeses, to first courses with classic meat sauce, to stewed legume dishes.

Dolcetto d’Alba Montubert 2022 Cecilia Monte

The grapes are grown in Neive with the espalier training system and guyot pruning.

Harvest by hand around the middle of September and fermentation at a controlled temperature in stainless steel containers.

It carries out the malolactic fermentation and always ages in stainless steel for at least 4 months and the following 2 in the bottle.

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