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Douro Pintas Tinto 2018 Wine & Soul

Variety: 30 different indigenous varieties

Intense ruby ​​red color

The nose is fabulous. Very intense, of extreme finesse and complexity, in short, everything more. Fruit in alcohol and jam are followed by withered flowers, spices, aromatic herbs and ethereal notes. Even hints of iodine make it even more seductive.

On the palate it confirms the great expectations. Excellent fusion of hardness and softness in a single embrace. Balanced and in harmony, powerful and elegant, undoubtedly one of the best Portuguese wines and of the whole Iberian Peninsula. Very persistent between shining aromas of fruit, aromatic herbs, pepper and licorice.

One of the best red wines of the whole Iberian Peninsula.

Douro Pintas Tinto 2018 Wine & Soul

Wine & Soul has very old vines in Pinhão, in the center of the Alto Douro valley, one of the most
ancient in the world, considered a World Heritage Site and protected by UNESCO.

Overlooking the Douro, the name of the river that is the Doc, the vines are over 80 years old and as a tradition of Porto, over 30 different varieties concur.

After the harvest, the grapes are de-stemmed and pressed barefoot in open vats, for the 10 days of fermentation.

Refine in French oak barrels for 20 months.

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Wine il vino 2018 97 / 100  
Wine Spectator 98 / 100