Provincia di Pavia Barbera Roncolongo 2017 Bisi, Red wines

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Provincia di Pavia Barbera Roncolongo 2017 Bisi

Variety: barbera 100%

Intense ruby ​​red color.

The nose is of exquisite workmanship, with ripe red fruit from trees, such as cherry and black cherry. Strawberry and blackberry among the berries also broaden the spectrum of fruity aromas. Among the flowers we can observe the red rose and the geranium. The plant part also adds complexity with some grass and fern ideas. Sweet spices released by the wood do not disturb, because they are barely hinted at and well blended. The toasted with cigar tobacco, and among the perfumes without their own category, we smell rhubarb and licorice.

In the mouth we find what we expect, with a vivid acidity, intrinsic in the grape. Less evident, however, are tannins and minerals. On the other side of the scale, glycerine and the alcohol content smooth the edges of the hardnesses. Full-bodied and very persistent.

The result is a wine, which, although it fits into the barbera groove, does so in an original way, going to conquer a place in the Olympus of barbera.

Provincia di Pavia Barbera Roncolongo 2017 Bisi

Claudio Bisi cultivates Barbera plants with the espalier system and guyot pruning. The density is 5700 plants per hectare, with a yield of 85 quintals per hectare.

The vines are 15 years old.

Harvest carried out manually with selection of the best grapes, and alcoholic fermentation at a controlled temperature for a long time.

Ages in new French oak barrels for 15 months. After bottling it remains in the cellar for at least another 6 months.

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