Terre del Colleoni Merlot 2016 Vite Natural Durante Tosca, Red wines

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Terre del Colleoni Merlot 2016 Vite Natural Durante Tosca

Variety: Merlot 100%

Certified organic

The Vite Natural Durante line is the Monovitigno line of the Tosca company. The added value lies in the adoption of the stelvin cap for the entire line, a closure system of which we at wineilvino are also convinced supporters. That’s why the name “Vine”.

Intense ruby ​​red, impenetrable to light, not to the heart.

The young age connotes the nose with aromas that immediately make us think of the grape itself and the environments where the fermentations take place. Dark berries such as blueberry and blackberry follow. Some spices are starting to show up, but they are still distant rumors to be quite distinct. Yet there are. The forest in autumn, when there is everything in one. Brown leaves, the mushrooms and chestnuts, and the curls of the same. The moss, where the sun does not kiss the trees, with the damp grass. But what is pleasantly surprising are the dairy notes, which draw a subtle texture above which everything else rises.

In the mouth it is confirmed of absolute interest, with a substantial balance between hardness and softness. The pleasant sensation of the tannins is worth noting, which the very hot year has fully matured before the harvest.

Excellent value for money, for a great little Lombard red wine 100% Merlot.

Terre del Colleoni Merlot 2016 Vite Natural Durante Tosca

The Tosca company cultivates the vineyard and vinifies the grapes produced following the dictates of organic agriculture. The vineyards are in Pontida, in the westernmost part of the Terre del Colleoni appellation. Soils are different, because here the substratum is made up of limestone-clayey rock from the Cretaceous period and a particular type of Lombard Flysh, that of Pontida. Fflysh is composed of sedimentary deposits formed in the marine environment.

Terre del Colleoni Doc denomination extends and embraces, from east to west, almost the entire hilly area of ​​the province of Bergamo. From Predore on Lake Iseo to Cisano Bergamasco.

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