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Spumante Metodo Classico Brut Euforia Apeca

Variety: Chardonnay 85% e Pinot Nero 15%

Golden yellow color.

The nose has exuberant aromas of flowers such as mimosa and broom. Notes of yellow fruit, candied citron, and black locust honey. The brioches add to the notes of aromatic herbs. In closing also the splendid sensations of brackish that can be felt close to the sea.

On the palate it is sumptuously mineral, with excellent acidity to assist the set of hardness. The carbon dioxide is very fine so as to be overall a remarkably elegant presence in the mouth. In the retro olfaction aromas of citrus and dried fruit and flowers arrive.

Excellent example of Italian sparkling wine. Once tasted it becomes impossible to forget it.

It is a splendid accompaniment to raw fish and white meat dishes. It can easily accompany a full meal.

Spumante Metodo Classico Brut Euforia Apeca

Apeca cultivates the grapes to develop the Euforia cuvée, in a vineyard located in the municipality of Sante Stefano Belbo in the province of Cuneo.

Soil: the composition of the soil is marly and calcareous of medium texture.

The age of the vineyard is 30 years, while the training system is against espalier with guyot pruning.

The harvest is carried out manually in small boxes.

After harvesting, the whole grapes are pressed in order to have a yield of free-run must of 45%. No chemical adjuvant is added, and it does not carry out the malolactic transformation

Refermentation for 24 months with the addition of must and not cane sugar, to fuel the fermentation.

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