Bouzeron Aligoté 2018 Domaine Cruchandeau, White wines


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Bouzeron Aligoté 2018 Domaine Cruchandeau

Variety: 100% Aligoté

Reasoned agriculture, that is, without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

The grapes come from a 66-year-old vineyard, with an altitude of 270 meters above sea level, while the sun exposure is in the Southwest.

The land is made up of white marl. White marl is a compact stratification of clay, calcium carbonate and marine fossils, where the majority percentage is that of limestone.

After the harvest, carried out manually in 20 kg boxes drilled with selection of the bunches, it gently presses the bunches, and using only indigenous yeasts, awaits the start of alcoholic fermentation. The same takes place in stainless steel containers at controlled temperature for a period of 20 days.

It refines for 80% of the mass, in stainless steel containers, and the remaining 20 in new barriques.

Bouzeron Aligoté 2018 Domaine Cruchandeau

Straw yellow color.

The scents of fresh fruit of flowers and sea excel on the nose. White peach lime and lemon, and hints of vanilla and light toasts. Rich and complex, he has a proud ally in finesse.

On the palate it is both creamy and remarkably mineral, for a long and convincing sip. Good acidity to give sorbidity to the whole. The pleasantness is persistent. Aromas of citrus fruit, honey, and croissants come from the palate.

On the whole of the three aspects Julien Cruchandeau defines an Aligoté, of remarkable overall quality. Fresh and creamy, among French white wines, it has the advantage of being a super gastronomic wine, that is, suitable for accompanying various dishes. From the carefree ones to the sea ones, to sauteed vegetables, cheeses and white meats on the spit. Try it with Genoese green beans.

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