Collio Malvasia 2021 Raccaro, White wines

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Collio Malvasia 2021 Raccaro

Variety: Istrian Malvasia 100%

The Raccaro vineyards stretch for 6.5 hectares on the slopes of Mount Quarin, in the municipality of Cormons, and in the province of Gorizia. Malvasia in particular is made up of old vineyards.

The soil is composed of a combination of sandstone marls, locally called Ponka.

The grapes are harvested manually, and as soon as they reach the cellar they make a cold maceration. Then it ferments in stainless steel containers at a controlled temperature of 18-19 C °.

It always refines in the same containers until the following spring.

Collio Malvasia 2021 Raccaro

Intense straw yellow color tending towards gold.

On the nose it is simply different. From all Istrian Malvasias produced without fermentation with the skins. Because those are a category in their own right. Different because clearly the best. The first time you taste it, it is natural to ask; “But what have I drunk to date?” The quality of the perfumes is crystal clear, with flavors of the sea, wet rocks, and algae and limpets. Then the mango and the grapes themselves precede impossible notes of white pepper and aromatic herbs. And the flowers, certainly not of lily, but of inviting camellia, with that subtle inclination to lemon.

On the palate it is even more. As in the other whites and even more, it is the mineral, due to the age of the plants and the Ponka, and the experience of Dario and his ancestors. The whole set adds and does not take away. Then the acidity adds structure, so the heat of the degree does not seem such, and the creaminess does not tire and bores. On the contrary, it still adds emotions and emotions. Aromas of grapes, sea and spices come from the oral cavity.

If it is true that Friulano is the best among peers, and white among all, Malvasia is the best Dario wine. If you can’t imagine it, it’s because you’ve never tasted it. The Raccaro company is considered by the most expert and selective critics to be one of the best in all of Friuli.

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