Soave Classico 2017 Inama, White wines


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Soave Classico 2017 Inama

Variety: Garganega 100%

Produced by several vineyards located in the municipalities of Monteforte d’Alpone and Soave. Altitude varies from 100 to 200 meters s.l.m .. Exposure of the same is South / South-East / South-West. Nature of the land is volcanic, with a notable presence of lava basalt. Rearing system is the Veronese pergola. The sixth plant provides a density of 3000 – 3500 plants per hectare. Age of the vineyards is over 30 years.

Yield per hectare is 70 hectoliters. The harvest is done manually.

Grapes are de-stemmed and pressed. After that they carry out a cold pellicular maceration for a period of time that varies from 4 to 12 hours. Then the pressing takes place, the decanting in stainless steel containers and the alcoholic fermentation starts.

With the arrival of spring we proceed to filtration and bottling.

Soave Classico 2017 Inama

Straw yellow color

The nose is mainly floral, with delicate aromas of wild flowers. A bunch of colored daisies, eyes of the Madonna, flowers of clover and poppies. Even the fruit enriches the whole, in fact we can distinguish the apple, white peach and some citrus fruits: the mandarancio and the clementine.

On the palate it has a good extension and easily confirms the premises of smell, so it is a balanced and very pleasant wine. Excellent balance between hardness and softness, with the minerality to be successful. Aromas of citrus peels and chamomile flowers come to the nose.

Accompanies a multitude of dishes, from dishes of vegetables and legumes, to fish of all kinds, to white meats. Of value with raw fish and with oysters.

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