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Ettore Germano
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Langhe Nebbiolo VR 2014 Ettore Germano

Nebbiolo 100%

The history of this wine begins with this vintage. After the death of Tommaso Canale in 2010, which took place without direct heirs, his very precious piece of Vigna Rionda vineyard was divided between indirect relatives. So its 1.64 hectares went to the companies Giovanni Rosso, Guido Porro and Ettore Germano.

Sergio Germano inherited a portion of 0.42 hectares, located in the central area of ​​the vineyard and in the highest part. The vineyard was totally redone in 2011, and the orientation shows an exposure to the south, south-west.

The land has the formation of Lequio, dating back to Helvetian in the Miocene. Arenaceous sand, reddish-yellow, greyish on the surface, with parallel and wavy lamination with layers from 10 to 50 cm, alternating with gray marls in layers from 5 to 40 cm.

Langhe Nebbiolo VR 2014 Ettore Germano

Garnet red color.

Nose has beautiful scents of fresh fruit. We can identify cherry, and plum. Follow the flowers and with the classic violet and red rose petals. We already have even more complex notes of china and rhubarb. You do not need a great experience to understand that we are in the presence of a Barolo and certainly not a simple Nebbiolo. But without getting caught up in the easy enthusiasm we continue the tasting.

On the palate it confirms the promises of the already rich perfume prospect. Voluminous the sip, yet supported by splendid structure, with the triple alliance of minerality, acidity and above all tannins. On the side of the Substance, we observe the excellent glycerine, and the heat expressed by the alcohol level. In the retro olfation aromas of aromatic herbs and red plums arrive.

Making a summary, we are faced with the first vintage of a wine that will become famous. Not just a Nebbiolo, nor a good Barolo, but a great Barolo from Serralunga. Only the great respect of Sergio, as of any slang for the Vigna Rionda sub-zone, has banned him from leaving as a Barolo. The vineyards are young, and 2014 was the first harvest, therefore Sergio, he wanted to be cautious.

Zeal completely unjustified to judge the result.

Vintage for collectors, eager to have a wine with a unique label, which will not be repeated. In fact, next year it will officially come out with the label Barolo Vigna Rionda

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