Bolgheri Rosso Moreccio 2016 Fattoria Casa di Terra red wine, Red wines


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Bolgheri Rosso Moreccio 2016 Fattoria Casa di Terra red wine

Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon 50%, Merlot 40% e Syrah 10%

Vineyard is located all around the winery, in Le Ferruggini in the municipality of Bolgheri, in the province of Livorno. The plants have an age ranging from 5 to 16 years, and show a solar exposure oriented towards South-South West.

Soil is sandy and clayish with good skeleton presence.

The rearing system is unilateral spurred cordon, and the plant density is 5600 plants per hectare.

Yield per hectare: 85 quintals

After harvesting, ferments in stainless steel containers with temperature control at 26/28 ° C for 20 days. We do not use selected yeasts, but natives naturally present on the grapes and in the cellar.

It performs malo-lactic transformation and refines, partly in large truncated conical oak containers and partly in third and fourth passage French oak barriques. After bottling it remains 6 months in the bottle

Wine produced with the cutting method. The three varieties are harvested, fermented and refined separately. The cut takes place in steel containers just before bottling.

Bolgheri Rosso Moreccio 2016 Fattoria Casa di Terra red wine

Ruby red.

The nose is characterized by ripe red fruit, especially that of wood, raspberry and currant, then the green pepper, and more generally green grassy tracts. Do not miss the spices with the black pepper in evidence and the vanilla to widen the fan of a rich nose.

On the palate it maintains the same tension felt on the nose, remains straight with good acidity and just as tannic presence. balanced and persistent, once swallowed it releases aromas of ripe berries, wild berries and black pepper.

Il Moreccio is the entry wine of Fattoria Casa di Terra. As a whole it is precise and simple, but at the same time, an excellent approach to the wines of Bolgheri, capable of accompanying various dishes.


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