Lacrima di Morro d’Alba Diana 2020 Filodivino, Red wines

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Lacrima di Morro d’Alba Diana 2020 Filodivino

Variety: Lacrima 100%

Certified organic

Between the intense ruby ​​red and the purple red, impenetrable to the eye

On the nose it has intense aromas that can be traced back to red flora. Vinous due to the aromas of grapes in the fermentation phase and the cooked must of our grandmothers. Fresh natural strawberries, small but juicy strawberries, wild strawberries and pomegranate. The flowers are present with a beautiful bouquet of roses, always red.

In the mouth it is diligent and sometimes sharp. The tannin is present but not strong, because it is harvested with phenolic maturity reached. With acidity and minerality, it is the hardness that excels over softness. Good creaminess and volume for a more than satisfactory synthesis. Once swallowed, aromas of wild forest strawberries reach the receptors.

Among the Marche wines, it happily accompanies roasted chestnuts and various traditional dishes from the Marche region. I Vincisgrassi all’anconetana, Pasta and chickpeas from the Moja and the Rabbit, porchettata alla marchigiana. Locally it is used to accompany stockfish, and the famous brodetto all’anconetana. Coming out of the combinations by tradition, it becomes very effective with cold cuts and light appetizers.

Lacrima di Morro d’Alba Diana 2020 Filodivino

After the harvest, carried out manually, it ferments in stainless steel containers at a controlled temperature.

Aged, always in steel, for at least a year.

Five partners, five different stories, five dreams. They have become a thread. A thread that secretly unites people, stories and dreams. What is, what has been and what will be. A Filodivino in fact.

We have tasted the wines and, as we always do, we have chosen what we liked.

Lacrima di Morro d’Alba has very ancient origins over time. The first historical documents that refer to it date back to 1167, when Federic I called Barbarossa during the siege of the city of Ancona, established his base in the fortress of Morro d’Alba. The peasants were obliged to deliver the food for its sustenance, and among other things there was the wine made with the Lacrima. Barbarossa immediately fell in love with it.

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