Toscana Rosso Casamaggio 2019 Torre a Cona, Red wines

Torre a Cona
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Toscana Rosso Casamaggio 2019 Torre a Cona

Variety: Colorino 100%

Intense ruby ​​red color

The nose is exuberant and in its naturalness it is intriguing. Aromas of ripe fruit, anticipate the floral ones and well-defined balsamic notes. Spices are added in a game of references with the floating balsamic vinegar. Overall it is curious, pleasant and satisfying.

On the palate it has a remarkable structure, made of slightly bristling tannins and pleasant freshness. The sip is deep and of the correct thickness, with the softness compensating for the hardness. Persistent between aromas of fruit, tobacco and hot spices.

Of all the Tuscan producers of 100% Colorino, that of Corte a Cona shines among the best.

Toscana Rosso Casamaggio 2018 Torre a Cona

The grapes that Torre a Cona uses for Colorino come from a single vineyard exclusively from the vineyard of the same name. They are at an altitude of 380 meters above sea level and are cultivated with a yield of 40 quintals per hectare.

Manual harvest with selection of the bunches.

Fermentation in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature for 7 days, with daily pumping over and punching down. In the same containers it carries out the malolactic transformation. Refine in Slavonian oak barrels and for 12 months.

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