Franciacorta brut Ammonites D.Z.Camilucci, Sparkling wines

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Franciacorta brut Ammonites D.Z.Camilucci

Variety: Chardonnay 75%, Pinot Nero 20% and Pinot Bianco 5%

Straw yellow color.

At the nose is precise, clean, consistently intense and of beautiful quality. The aromas are of citrus, flowers and crispy bread crust just turned out. The whirlwind of sensations that follow one after the other is very pleasant.

On the palate there are notes of carbonic perceived as fine, and remarkable minerality. The sip has a good creaminess for an overall depth that does not leave indifferent. Scents of iodine, almond, and white peach are back.

The trace of Stefano’s wines is that of the supreme balance, between volume and verticality. Excellent Italian Sparkling wine, capable of crossing the borders of the denomination for fame.

Franciacorta brut Ammonites Camilucci

Stefano Camilucci cultivates Franciacorta Ammonites grapes in different vineyards, located in different municipalities, obviously all in the province of Brescia: Rodengo Saiano, Gussago, and Paderno di Franciacorta. The average altitude is 200 meters above sea level, while the training system is espalier with guyot pruning.

Vineyard age and density: the plants are about 20 years old with a density of 5000 plants per hectare and a yield of 100 quintals.

After the manual harvest, it reaches the cellar, and after a second selection it is softly pressed. Ferments in thermo regulated steel containers.

Refine in the same containers for at least 6 months. Referments in the bottle for at least 18 months.

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