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Nunzio Ghiraldi
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Lugana il Gruccione 2021 Nunzio Ghiraldi

Variety: Turbiana 100%

pale straw yellow color

The nose has fine aromas of fresh flowers, fruit with white peach and medlar. Marine breezes with notes of iodine, Mediterranean scrub and aromatic herbs make it fresh and complex.

On the palate it is fresh and mineral, with excellent ability to evolve and improve over time. The softness part is supported by an overall creaminess that elevates it to balance.

Excellent representation of Turbiana, which places it among the best Italian white wines of immediate drinking. Without forgetting its wonderful qualities of evolution over time.

Lugana il Gruccione 2020 Nunzio Ghiraldi

Nunzio Ghiraldi farm covers about 20 hectares of vineyards, around the winery, in Lugana di Sirmione, in the absolute best area for the production of Lugana. The extreme proximity to Lake Garda of the vineyards gives the grapes all the benefits of the mild climate that is created in the area.

The soil is composed of mainly calcareous white stratified clay, created during the last glaciation, the Wurmiana. When the retreat began, the friction created by the glacier in very slow motion crumbled the stones and shaped the very particular clay that makes up the soil for over 50% and finally Lake Garda. In the subsoil we also find considerable presence of mineral salts.

The training system is a counter espalier with a double arched guyot guyot pruning.

Vines have an age ranging from 15 to over 50 years.

The harvest is carried out exclusively by hand, and the grapes are crushed whole with the presence of the rachis.

Fermentation takes place in stainless steel containers under strict temperature control.

It refines in the same stainless steel containers for at least 6 months and at least 3 more in the bottle before reaching the market.

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