Venezia Giulia Thanks Bianco 2020 di Lenardo, White wines

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Venezia Giulia Thanks Bianco 2020 di Lenardo

Variety: Chardonnay, Friulano, Verduzzo, Malvasia e Sauvignon Blanc

Golden yellow color

The nose has exuberant aromas of spices, with vanilla, nutmeg, then custard, lime honey, and hot croissant. Some notes of banana, pineapple and mimosa make it complex.

On the palate it is full-bodied and well structured. The sip envelops the palate with thickness, but the hardness makes it fresh and drinkable. It has remarkable ability to evolve over time while still improving. The aromas are of fruit and spices. Very persistent.

The relationship between quality and price is excellent

Quality Friulian white wine, which effectively accompanies foie gras, Milanese-style veal cutlet, aged cheeses, and shellfish.

Venezia Giulia Thanks Bianco 2020 di Lenardo

di Lenardo, makes the harvest manually.

Chardonnay ferments in new American oak barrels and ages in the same containers for 3 months.

The other varieties ferment and refine in stainless steel containers.

During the refinement, the wine matures for three months in contact with the residues of fermentation yeasts kept in suspension with frequent batonnage.

At the end of the maturation it passes into the bottle where it completes the journey in the cellar for another 2 months.

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