Morellino di Scansano Roccapesta 2018 Roccapesta, Offers, Red wines

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Morellino di Scansano Roccapesta 2018 Roccapesta

Variety: Sangiovese 96% and Ciliegiolo 4%

Ruby red color with garnet reflections.

The nose is endowed with good intensity and richness of aromas. We have fresh fruit and flowers. On the one hand, red plum and cherry, on the other raspberry and blackberry. Notes of undergrowth and leather follow, and then various spices including sweet and spicy. Breezes of Mediterranean scrub, with hints of aromatic herbs conclude and widen the façade.

On the palate it maintains the same rigor, with a correct tannic presence and pressing minerality. Of the same creaminess and volume, so as to obtain a painting with a valid subject, in a solid and pleasant frame. Deep and persistent, with aromas of mint, blueberries and spices. The result is to have a wine that is easy to drink and satisfying in emotions.

Roccapesta has the advantage of making every effort to go along with the vintage, so as to propose a different Morellino every year from that of previous vintages. Excellent Tuscan Sangiovese

Morellino di Scansano Roccapesta 2018 Roccapesta

The vineyards are distributed in the municipality of Scansano in the province of Grosseto.

Vineyard age and yield: the plants are 21 years old with a yield of 40 quintals per hectare.

During the harvest, carried out by hand, they proceed to a rigorous selection of the bunches.

It carries out the alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel containers at a controlled temperature below 20 ° C, for about 20 days, and with the use of indigenous yeasts.

Refines for 18 months in 500 and 600 liter oak barrels and then for another 6 in the bottle.

It does not undergo any filtration, except by static decantation, for this reason, with aging, it may have the presence of sediments, a symptom of a real wine.


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