Barbaresco 2018 Bruno Rocca, Red wines

Bruno Rocca
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Barbaresco 2018 Bruno Rocca

Variety: Nebbiolo 100%

The color is ruby ​​red.

On the nose the top scents immediately mark the vine and the denomination, with berries, and the classic stem fruit. By swirling the glass, the flowers follow with rose and violet and sweet spices, in particular nutmeg. Memories of bitter herbs like rhubarb also add to the whole thing. Overall, as always, clean and didactic.

In the mouth it is plentiful, with well-defined hardness, to give it drinkability and pleasantness. Excellent creaminess, expressed in velvety sensations. From the palate aromas of cocoa, cinchona and rhubarb reach the nose. Long and persistent, among the Barbareschi not from a single vineyard, it is confirmed as one of the best of the vintage.

Barbaresco 2018 Bruno Rocca

Bruno Rocca’s Barbaresco is the result of Nebbiolo grapes harvested from the Fausoni, Currà and San Cristoforo crus all in the municipality of Neive.

The soil is tufaceous and clayey at the same time with some veins of sand running through it.

Normally the yield is around 40 hl per hectare

After the harvest carried out manually, it carries out the alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel containers at a controlled temperature for 20 – 25 days.

Refine in French oak barrels for at least two years. After bottling it rests for the time necessary to bear the name Barbaresco.

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